Effectiveness of Precision farming

Effectiveness of Precision farming

Tuesday 28 August 2012

What is Precision Farming....???

Precision farming or precision agriculture often referred as hi-tech farming, is a farming management concept based on observing and responding to intra-field variations. Today, precision agriculture is about whole farm management with the goal of optimizing returns on inputs while preserving resources. 

The objective is optimisation of inputs use to facilitate optimal output resulting in saving of valuable resources like water and energy.

It relies on new technologies like satellite imaginary, IT and geospatial tools. It is also aided by farmers’ ability to locate their precise position in a field using satellite positioning system like the GPS or other GNSS.

Water availability for irrigated agriculture is increasingly constrained by competing uses for water and by  concerns over water quality. The goal in irrigation management has been to optimize water use efficiency not only to  reduce high quality, high yielding crops but also to ensure that runoff and leaching are minimized.

Precision farming should not be thought of as only yield mapping and variable rate fertilizer application and evaluated on only one or the other. Precision farming technologies will affect the entire production function (and by extension, the management function) of the farm.

Precision farming is of two types:

  • Closed Precision Farming
  • Open Precision farming

Drip Irrigation System that facilitates controlled irrigation 

Effectiveness of Precision Farming

Precision Framing is as effective as farming using all monitoring and controlling technologies....!!!!